In May 2023 I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled Mediating the Real: Self-Reflection in Recent American Reportage. Basically, have been trying to make sense of the experimental reportage of David Foster Wallace, George Saunders, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Mac McClelland (now Gabriel Mac) and Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah. My supervisors were Prof. Michael C. Frank and is Prof. em. Martin Heusser (University of Zurich). Thanks to a scholarship by the Emil Boral foundation I got the opportunity to study with Prof. Chris Wilson (check out his online resource Reading Narrative Journalism) at Boston College during the spring term 2018.

My previous education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), a Bachelor’s degree in English and German Literature and Linguistics from the University of Berne, (yes, that’s seven years of Bachelor studies) and a Master’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics and Comparative Literature from the University of Zurich. My research interests include journalism, realism, literary & media theory, rhetorical narratology and phenomenology.

Research Output

Research papers


„Witnessing and the Theorization of Reportage“. Alexander, Robert and Will McDonald (eds.). Literary Journalism and Social Justice. Springer, Cham. Online Access


„The Disclosure of Difference: Literary Journalism and the Postmodern“. Dow, William and Roberta Maguire (eds.), Routledge Companion to American Literary Journalism. Routledge, New York. Blog post

Contributions to international conferences


IALJS-13 in Vienna, Austria. „The Disclosure of Difference: Literary Journalism and the Postmodern“.


IALJS-12 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. „Future Human Centers: George Saunders’ Sincere Literary Reportage“.

General contributions to science

Literary Journalism – The Newsletter of the IALJS. Vol. 11, Nr. 4. Fall 2017. „Literary Journalism in Switzerland. Varieties of truth, Into the Wild and the power of uncertainty.“ 11–12.

Science journalism, criticism and outreach activities

Schweizer Journalist. 6-7/2018. Die Erzählwelle.

Medienwoche. February 20, 2018. Die Vierte Gewalt ist erst ein Anfang.

Medienwoche. February 1, 2018. Die gewollte Realität – zum Zustand der Reportage.

Schweizer Journalist. 4-5/2017. Fakten über Fakten.

Invited to

Podium discussion at conference „Fakten, Daten, Lügen – Welchen Informationen kann ich trauen?“ Verein Fairmedia (23. Juni 2017, Basel). Conference report by